Incinerate is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game (“shoot’em up”)
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Incinerate is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game (“shoot’em up”) in the style of arcade classics like Tyrian, Zanac, Zaxxon, or Xevious. In this game you are the commander of the spaceship designated to defend the human race against an alien conspiracy. Your job is to pilot this spaceship and fight against all kinds of alien spacecrafts or destroy various land structures.

As simple as it is, the gameplay is actually also really entertaining, challenging and addictive. The winning formula that made this kind of arcade games very popular and beloved is also applied by “Incinerate”: lot of action, lot of adrenaline, and a lot of fun. There’s not much thinking involved, as you only have to properly control the spaceship, but in order to do so, a pretty considerable amount of skill and determination is required.

The visuals are pretty satisfactory. They’re not impressive, as it’s just a vertical side-scrolling shooting arcade game after all, but they’re modern and colorful enough to represent another benefit of this game. In fact, the explosions look really cool.

There’s also plenty of diversity to keep boredom away. Plenty of levels, different landscapes, many weapon types, shields, and other bonuses, and a large variety of enemies make this game attractive even after many hours of gameplay.

To sum it all up, I like Incinerate despite the fact that it’s just a simple side-scrolling shooter arcade game. It’s entertaining and captivating for both the fans of this game genre and the casual players looking for an enjoyable pure-action experience.

Margie Smeer
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  • Decent graphics
  • Simple yet entertaining gameplay
  • Can be played in both fullscreen and windowed mode


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